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Professor Hideki Isoda

An Emmy Award nominee, Hideki Isoda (born 1970 Yokohama, Japan), who was trained in classical music, is an expert in a variety of creative and technical fields. He grew up in an artistic family environment, and his talent was evident early when he began studying the piano at the age of three. He chose to spend most of his teenage years playing saxophone and composing. As a classical saxophonist, at the age of 16, he won the Yamaha Music Competition for young artists in Japan, and performed in several cities in Japan and in the United States.

Hideki went to the United States to continue his study in classical saxophone at Indiana University School of Music, under the tutelage of Dr. Eugene Rousseau. In 1991, Hideki began his career as a composer with a contract from Sony Music Entertainment after a successful audition led to his work with the NHK Broadcasting Corporation to compose soundtrack for their national television programs. His innovative sound design and distinctive style of music were enthusiastically received by the audiences. He was invited to join the NHK’s media technology research program, where he received a formal training in broadcast engineering.

His enthusiasm and skills in media technology were further advanced when a project in which he participated at the Keio University successfully launched one of the very first web sites that utilized audio and video streaming on the Internet. He became active in providing technical consultations for Internet service providers and legislative organizations in Japan.

Hideki IsodaIn 1994, Hideki introduced his three dimensional sound modeling system VASS (Virtual Acoustic Simulation System) through the NHK I-Media Publication. VASS was immediately applied to the design of 3D sound creation for theaters and game products. About the same time, he began working with the Matsushita Corporation (Panasonic) as an artist and technical adviser. During this period he was the composer of the soundtrack for the award-winning production Krakken, a computer-generated 3D High-Definition movie, and also was one of the engineers on the team responsible for determining the original DVD format. Hideki produced more than a dozen of commercial tunes including a series of promotional pieces for the Atlanta and Nagano Olympics.

Hideki Isoda TonmeisterAt the age of 27, Hideki founded RIAX Corporation, a company devoted to the highest quality music production. After numerous successful CD projects, his name began to be known within the international music circles. In 1998, he completed his studies in music and received his diploma from the Indiana University School of Music. One of his undertakings in audio engineering was a classical concert at Chiang Kai-shek National Memorial Park in Taipei in 2001. His ingeniously designed sound reinforcement for a symphonic orchestra which performed in an open-air created exciting headlines.

In recent years Hideki has been an active researcher in Music Informatics. StringPedagogy.com is one of the highly successful e-learning projects in which Hideki combines his multi-faceted skills. He has been a guest lecturer at universities and conferences around the world. Hideki is also a trusted advisor for young musicians including winners of prestigious international competitions, providing scientific guidance for achieving their higher goals.

Hideki Isoda FilmmakerAn educational documentary film, Circling Around, created by Hideki has been aired on over 200 public television stations across the United States, and he has received numerous awards, including the International Videographer Award, Omni Award, and was nominated for the Emmy in 2006.

For over five years since 2007, Hideki worked as Associate Dean of Technology and Distance Learning at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, The University of Sydney, and tought the Postgraduate seminars.

Professor Isoda is currently on the faculty at the Sookmyung Women's University in Seoul, Korea.

Hideki Isoda
Music Producer, Composer, and Educator
Music Informatics Researcher

Experienced as: Tonmeister, Filmmaker, Photographer, Graphic Designer, and Computer Engineer

Professor of Music
Sookmyung Women's University (Seoul, Korea)

Research & Development Areas
Music Informatics:
Design of Next Generation Music Production
3D Sound Simulation in Psychoacoustics
Artificial Intelligence for Music Recognition
Design of E-Learning Applications for Music
Film Making for Music Education

Other Interests
Satellite Ham Radio
Scuba Diving
Hand-Drip Coffee

Indiana University 1990-1998

Recent Awards
Emmy Award nomination
International Videographer Award
OMNI Intermedia Award
Horizon Interactive Award
Accolade Award
The Communicator Award
Hermes Creative Award

Favorite Tools and Instruments
Software: Steinberg Nuendo + NEK, Adobe Premiere Pro, ActiveState Komodo IDE
Instruments/Hardware: Yamaha CP4, Gibson ES-339, AKAI EWI5000, Nikon D810, Gitzo GT3542LS + Sachtler FSB4, Schoeps MK22, DPA 4006A, Neumann U87 Ai, Mogami Cables, Sound Devices 633, Apogee Ensemble, MacBook Pro, Dynaudio BM12 mkIII, Yamaha MSP5 Studio, Sony MDR-7520, AKG K712 Pro, Leatherman Skeletool CX, LED LENSER M1

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Produced by Hideki Isoda

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