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Thank you for your interest and many questions regarding the motion controller/instrument that I am developing. Since I would not be able to respond to all, here are some information about it.

I have been fascinated by sensors such as gyros and accelerometers since the 90's in addtion to what I do as a musician, and this project was conceived when my daughter was born in 2015. My wife is a music therapist, and we were interested in providing our children with musical experiences from an early stage. Therefore, I made an electronic device that uses a motion sensor that makes sounds when baby moves in a crib. It was a great toy for our daughter and I realized it had the potential. One day, my wife was looking for a special instrument for her (music therapy) clients who might not be able to play or may not be interested in hand bells and shakers. So, after a lot of experiments and prototypes, my motion controller/instrument became useful in her music therapy sessions. I've been researching how people move their hands to express music, and how an AI could translate those movements into meaningful sounds. I won’t go into too much details here but I am working on the algorithms to be improved everyday. This is not going to replace any existing musical instruments but I hope it will bring new possibilities and inspirations to a lot of people in the near future.


Q: When is it going to be available for purchasing?
A: After late 2022 – Depends on the availability of specific chips.

Q: Dose it only work with Sequential Prophet-5?
A: Prophet-5 is a perfect synthesizer to perform with, but it works with any MIDI sound modules, virtual instruments on a computer, and even a direct connection to an iPhone running the GarageBand app.

Q: What can it be used for?
A: For music performances (improvisation), compositions, music therapy sessions, ensemble performances, education, choreography (dance) performances, and fun!

Q: Can I play it with my left hand?
A: Yes, it can be switched between right-handed mode and left-handed mode.

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