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Hideki Isoda

Emmy Award-nominated director and composer Hideki Isoda has had a prominent musical career since the 90s. He grew up in Yokohama, Japan, playing the piano, synthesizers, guitar, and saxophone from an early age and studied at Indiana University Jacobs School of Music and Berklee College of Music. Hideki composed soundtracks for NHK Japan, PBS America, Sony Music, Panasonic, and special events such as the Atlanta Olympics. Hideki is most known as a recording, mixing, and mastering engineer who produced countless classical and jazz albums of renowned musicians around the world including a recent collaboration with Grammy Award-winning producer, Michael Fine, who highlighted an outstanding orchestral album release from Sony Classical (2022). Hideki's strong expertise in music technology also contributed to innovations such as the development of audio-streaming technology back in the mid-90s and then the creation of StringPedagogy.com in 2001, one of the very first e-learning websites utilizing video-streaming technology. He served as Associate Dean of Technology and Distance Learning at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, The University of Sydney (2007-2013), and as Professor of Music and Chair of the Interdisciplinary Program for Creative Contents and Technology at Sookmyung Women's University in Seoul (2013-2020). Professor Hideki Isoda is a full-time faculty member of the Texas Tech University School of Music, teaching Composition, Electroacoustics, and Music Informatics courses (2020-Present). Hideki lives in Lubbock with his wife Hyejin, daughter, and son.

Virtual Wind Bell

"As a researcher and professor, I love making innovations. I also love helping people to make innovatations. I find great happiness doing so especially when my students get inspired by that."

Hideki Isoda

Hideki Isoda
Director of Media Production
Assistant Professor of Composition
Texas Tech University School of Music

Expertise: Electroacoustics & Music Informatics

Experienced as: TV & Film Composer, Classical and Jazz Instrumentalist, Tonmeister, Filmmaker, Computer Programmer, and Entrepreneur

Sequential Artist

Research & Development Areas
Music Informatics:
Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation for Instrumental Training;
Robotic Design for Musical Training;
Musical Deep Learning;
Ambisonic Audio;
Design of Music E-Learning Applications;
Film Making for Music Research;

Production Equipment

Primary Programming Languages

Performing Instruments
Synthesizers and Electric Guitars

Other Interests
Ham Radio (since 1980)
UAS (Drone)

Alma mater
Indiana University Jacobs School of Music
Berklee College of Music

Notable Recognitions
Emmy Award nomination
International Videographer Award
OMNI Intermedia Award
Horizon Interactive Award
Accolade Award
The Communicator Award
Hermes Creative Award

Special Certifications
Audinate Dante Certifications

Dante AV Network Certified Engineer
AV Network Engineer/Administrator

Featured Works

Circling Around by Hideki Isoda

Research Film "Circling Around in Song"


Circling Around by Hideki Isoda

PBS Documentary "Circling Around"


Galia "Sand in your bed" CD Produced by Hideki Isoda

Galia Arad "Sand in your bed"

Mimi Zweig StringPedagogy.com

Mimi Zweig StringPedagogy


Hideki Isoda YouTube Channel


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